How do i not strangle my cat?

Please help!

I left my knitting out for 10 minutes and my cat has :biting: [B]chewed [/B] :biting: through the working yarn of my Manos silk blend yarn (30% silk, 70% merino) about 1 foot from the needle! What do I do?!

TIA. I’ll just be here, taking deep breaths and shooting daggers out of my eyes…

My cat’s done that too (:tap: ). I just cut the ruined part and then reattached it, like joining a new one. Not much else to do…

Oh yeah… that makes perfect sense. Maybe I would’ve thought of that after I stopped fuming. :oops: Thanks! The cat and I are friends again, with the condition that he will never again chew my projects. :teehee:

Buy the cat a dog, it’ll be too busy to chew on your knitting :slight_smile:

I can sympathize…my cats have chewed on my wooden needles (I should just use metals…they don’t bother those!), chewed through yarn, taken off with my row counter, tried to steal my tapestry needle, etc. The list goes on and on. Two of them come RUNNING when they hear me getting out my knitting bag and they fight over who gets to sit on my lap (on the working yarn, of course) and purr deviously as they contemplate all the ways to ruin what I am knitting. DH suggested wryly that I consider knitting in the bathroom or somewhere I can lock them out. :teehee:

Sending sympathy

My DH’s standard poodle puppy (62 pounds at the time) chewed through my hand spun cashmere yarn that I splurged on during a work trip to London this past fall.

DH’s response, “Well, what did you expect a dog to do when he smelled that yummy sheep?”

lol, been there, done that, continually dealing with it.

My cat even swipes my yarn while I’m working and runs with it.

Just smile, take deep breaths… and remember learning how to splice two ends together is a wonderful thing to know.

I had to splice yarn ends together in the middle of a long row just because I had to go to the bathroom, and I wasn’t gone more than 2.5 minutes tops!

Cats won’t change, I took a ball, glued yarn on it, and left a tail that I had knitted 2 strand wide. I throw the ball when she is really getting on my nerves… ( note… this would be daily, lol) and she leaves me alone for awhile.

I’ve learned to throw my blanket over my knitting, or something when I leave the room, even if it’s just to refill my glass.

Good luck.

Albert Schweitzer said, “There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.”

You just can’t stay upset with a cat very long. cloud9

i tried giving my cats some yarn of their own to play with like snowbear talked about but found that it only encouraged them to play with mommy’s yarn. so now they don’t have any yarn type toys and they get a spritz of the water bottle when they mess with mine. it seems to be working. my main concern is not them ruining my work but more of them choking. i have pulled more than a foot of yarn out of one of their throats. once they have something at the back of their tounge they can’t spit it out.

:muah: ~ cry

I can’t even go in the bathroom in peace! When I close the door, it’s like they have ultrasonic hearing. Even if they are upstairs a cat runs down and stands outside the door and paws at it and meows to be let in. Weird things but I love em.