How do I make increases when double knitting?

hi everyone,

this is the 2nd time i’m attempted to make a double knitted scarf

and in the chart it needs me to make increases and decreases which i have no idea how I would do that and still have the colors alternating…

i tried kfb and m1 … and they both make two stitches (and one accidentally a hole) so then when i’m on the next row i’m stuck when i get to the increases because instead of having alternate colors it’s 2 stitches of the same color @_@

also i think i’m doing something wrong cus when i reach the end’s of my work they are open. like the edge doesn’t stay together …

thanks in advance for any help!!

Do your increase as usual, then on the next row slip the second same color stitch and the first of the next same color stitch pair, off the left needle, swap them and return them to the left needle. You now have alternating colors. Knit on!!

You could also fix it right after you knit them by slipping them off the right needle, swapping, and returning to the right needle, so they will be ready when you come back the next row.

At Ravelry there is a double knitting group. It has some links to good videos about these issues.