How do i make a pleat in my knitting

hi could anyone tell me how to do a pleat in my knitted cardigan knitted on round needles pattern says 7 garter stitches thats the front band then moss stitch for 23cms thenthe pleat row being M1 and m2 explanation to pattern diagram slip 4sts on cable needle in front of piece,work 1st st on cable needle tog with first stitch on needle a total of 4 times,3 moss stitches
m2 3 moss sts,slip 4 stitches on cableneedle behind piece work 1st moss st on needle tog with first stich on needle a total of 4 times
i am quite a reasonable knitter but cant get this right at all the pattern is moss stitch apart from 7 stitches at each end for bands hope someone can help

With knitted pleats, you have to put some sts on a dpn or cn and knit them together - sort of like a 3 needle bind off only you’re not going to pass the sts over like you would in a bindoff.