How do I make a curved bottoms for a cardigan?

I want to make a top-down wrap cardigan with a curved bottom that is similar to James Coviello’s Ruffled Cardigan
( I already have a pattern for ruffles, but I just want to figure out what decreases I would need to do so that I could curve the ends of the sweater. Any advice about this would be much appreciated. A free pattern with similar curves would also be much appreciated. Thanks in advance to those who respond.

My guess is you’d pretty much do the same tech as you would working a neck dec if you were working bottom up…SSK and K2tog. But looking at the patt you’d most likely do them every row in order to get a more rapid curve, rather than the gradual slope of a neckline (where the decs are eor or ev 4th row). Or a double dec might be warranted.

There are perhaps some free shrug-type patts that might be similar to which you could add the ruffled edge.

Do you belong to Rav? Lots of ideas there. Found these on garnstudio:

Check the instructions for how the shaping is done and if you want to do it top down, just replace any ‘bottom up’ incs with the top down decs.


Thanks. These are quite helpful, especially the white sweater. I do belong to ravelry, could you send me links of the great ideas, as I spend a lot of time on it and did not really see much that would help with this particular project.