How do I make a baby blanket with the yarn I chose?

I found this really soft Bernat yarn. It’s a weight of 7- jumbo. I tried hand knitting and wasn’t a fan. So I went to back to my trusty knitting needles. I am used to working with thinner yarn. But I wanted to make this blanket for Christmas. So I figure the bigger needles the better. But I have no idea what to do. I have US size 17, 35, 10, 13, in straight single point needles and size 10 circular needles. I have no idea given how thick this yarn is what the best needle size is going to be. I can do okay with circular needles but I get tripped up on the adding and reducing stitches and it always gets messed up. I can knit and purl. Which i love alternating I just think the pattern is so pretty. Anyway what do I do get this skeet of yarn in to a blanket? Also when Makimg
Hats on circular knitting needles what’s the easiest way to start reducing with out creating a mess. Some how I get a big hole or some how 3
Got stuck together. It’s all good at first but when I go to start the next round it’s difficult to pick up, it comes in done or gets really loose on me. So what’s the best way to solve this problem as well?

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The ball band will give you the recommended needle size. Most of the Bernat super bulky yarns recommend a size 11. You might be able to use the size 10 circular for the yarn. The best thing to do is to knit a swatch and see if you like the knit fabric (is it too stiff and tight, too loose and lacy?).

Which Bernat yarn is it and how many skeins do you have?

Alternating knit and purl rows (stockinette stitch) can be used in a checkerboard or other pattern and the blanket will lie flat. By itself, even with a border of garter or seed stitch, stockinette stitch will curl or flip the border. The straight needles may be too short for a baby blanket unless you knit it in pieces and seam. Most patterns call for circulars used to knit back and forth in order to hold the amount of sts for a blanket.
This is an example of the checkerboard:

As far as the hats on circular needles, you usually need to change from small circulars to some method for knitting small diameter circles (double pointed needles, 2 circulars or magic loop) when you decrease sts. Working in a smooth medium weight yarn may help in the beginning too.

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