How do I know how many double pointed needles to use?

If I have a pattern that calls for circular or DP needles and I have to use the DP because I don’t have circulars small enough…how do I know how many to use…3 or 4? the pattern doesn’t say. Thanks.

You have to use at least 4 needles. The yarn is divided on the three and the fourth does the knitting. You work your way around the needles, so after you knit the stitches from needle number 1 to the one in your hand, needle number one becomes the working needle. Then you move on to needle number 2.

I’m sorry, I messed up the question. If you have a pack of 5 needles how do you know how many to use…4 or 5. Or, in other words, how do you know how to split up the cast on stitches in fourths or thirds? Is it just prefference?

I think it depends on your number of stitches. Most people use three for the stitches and a fourth to work them. If you have a lot of stitches, then I believe that’s what the fifth is for. Or to appease the couch monster!

Yes, it’s preference. I’m knitting socks on 5 needles right now. There are 96 stitches around, so I put 24 on each needle, and knit with the 5th.

Well… that was until I lost a needle, and had to squeeze them onto 3 needles, and knit with the 4th. It’s a pain in the you-know-what.

Hey! Maybe that’s the lost needle you’re feeling! :smiley:

LOL :roflhard: Good one Ingrid.

I use 5 dpn’s in my circular knitting.

Split the stitches onto 4 needles and stitch with the 5th. I find it easier to handle than using 3/1.

Thanks for all your responses…I tried it last night and it was really awkward. I gave up, but I will try again later. Right now being a beginnner I prefer the circular. But I know there will be at time where I’ll have to use DPN’s for really small stuff.

Actually, just to make your life more confusing, you really don’t have to use dpn’s for small circumference knitting. I use two long circs, and many people use magic loop. There are videos on both.