How do I knit with two colors?

I need some help! I am wanting to make a hat…part of it has a checkered pattern using a different color. How do I make that happen? The instructions do not address this, which is frustrating!

You’re going to doing stranded (or fair isle) knitting to accomplish this. There is a video in the advanced techniques section or you can see this other one. I do stranded knitting with both hands like this one.

Am I not casting on both colors then?

Here is a link to the pattern…

The hat looks cute!

I don’t think the pattern calls for you to cast on both colors. The brim is knit in the main color. You don’t start with the contrasting color until you get to the checkered pattern.

You are casting on with your main color. This is the first 12 rows of the pattern:
For roll brim: Knit 10 rows then purl 2 rows OR
For ribbed brim: K2, P2 for 12 rows

After those are done then you will begin adding the contrasting color for the checkers.

No, you don’t need to cast on with both colors look at the edge of the hat…it’s one color. When you need to start the new color you just start knitting with it. You can weave the end in later or after a few rows.

Thank you so much! Maybe I will start this tonight!!!