how do i knit using this strange but interesting wool

i bought this lovely new wool a while ago and have so far just admired it in my stash, however, with this weather getting so cold and it looking like it may make quite a warm garment, probably scarf, thought i might give it a go. but just cant figure it out and am sure you must have to use a plain wool perhaps to at least cast on with? anyway, it basically looks like loads of small balls of cotton wool with an inch or so of a type of embroidery thread in between each ball. sorry dont know the name of it so cant even hunt down a pattern for it. help with any of these problems would be great

Sounds like pom pom yarn?

If you can post the yarn brand and name and post a link if you have it it will be helpful to find a pattern or answer questions.

thank you for your advice, knowing the name of the wool will certainly make a difference