How do I knit together the pearl side wrap when doing short rows in the round?

OK, I’ll try to explain this as best as I can. I’m making a pair of longies and am putting short rows in the butt area (in the round). I get to the point where I want the short row, wrap it and start pearling to the point where i’ll wrap and turn again. Then I continue knitting in the round. I have no problem picking up that first wrap and knitting it together, but when I come around to that second wrap, I can’t figure out what part to pick up or how to knit it together. I end up with some funky looking puckering in that spot and a small hole. Can anyone help with this? Also, when I wrap from the pearl side, I slip the next stitch from the left hand needle, take the yarn to the back, put the stitch back on the left hand needle, and bring the yarn back to the front and turn. Perhaps my problem is how I’m wrapping it?

It sounds to me like you’re wrapping the purl stitches just right. It is hard to pick up the wraps- you have to pick it up with your right needle from the back (knit) side and kind of twist it up onto your left needle, then you can purl them together. There’s a short row video on this site somewhere that shows both how to wrap and how to pick up the wraps on both the knit and purl side- it’s very helpful. :slight_smile: I think it’s under ‘advanced techniques’.