How do I keep this from happening?

If I am using any sock yarn, other than Cascade, and I do ribbing at the top of the socks, the ribbing just stretches out and doesn’t have any hold anymore. Being that I just order some AWESOME Opal yarn for a pair of gift socks, I want to get this problem remedied so I don’t give anyone a pair of PIA socks.

If you’re using a “sock” yarn, there should be plenty of elasticity to them. Try knitting the ribbing with a smaller needle. One size should do it, but you could go two sizes smaller. :thumbsup:

Fantastic! Thanks so much. I also think that I may swatch this time around, because I have been having to drop needle sizes lately. Weird, because if anything I think I woudl be considered a tight knitter.

Oh, and while I have you here…would you put some sort of design with this yarn, or let it speak for itself?

What size needles are you knitting sock yarn with?

I would let the yarn speak for itself. I love Opal sock yarns. :heart:

I’ve been using a 2, but I did a pair of Opal socks for my dh a while ago,a dn they could have been more tightly knit. I think I will grab a pair of 1’s and see how that goes. (and I will remember to swatch in the round.)

I knit sock yarn on size 2s too. :thinking: What kind of ribbing are you doing? I find a 2x2 ribbing works best for me.

I have to agree with Silver…I’ve become somewhat of a sock yarn “snob” because I love the patterning in the Opal yarns so much. I would stick with something simple and they’ll be beautiful.

I do 2x2 ribbing also.

kemp, you should go to my link up top and check out that lady’s other Opal yarns. Alot of them she sells for 9 something for 100grams, so if you buy 2 and then the shipping it comes out to almost 2 skeins for what one costs me at my LYS. :open_mouth:

thanks for the tip YM! I’ll check it out.