How do I keep the stiches tight?

I’ve only been knitting for two days now. Seems I can’t make it past my third row without messing up. Its starting to go a bit easier but the problem I’m having is everything is so loose and uneven! My roommate has been knitting for 3 weeks and her knitting is so nice and perfect. How can I get mine to be nice and tight? I know I must be doing something wrong.

Any ideas or tips on how to get it to look right?

Hey, congrats on learning to knit! You need to pat yourself on the back big-time, Lady.

And take a patience pill!! Nobody new to knitting starts off with perfect tension. Never, ever. That comes with practice.

Here’s a hint: be glad your newly-made stitches are loose. Some folks start off knitting so tightly they need like a crowbar to get the point of the other needle in to work it.

Just experiment with different ways to hold your yarn. If between the fingers, squeeze your fingers together a bit harder. If you wrap the yarn around one of your fingers, add a second winding.

You’ll do fine. Allow yourself time to practice! Be patient with yourself!

Hope this helps,

Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting!

You’ll get better and better as the days go by, and you’ll learn that different yarns and different size needles make completely different fabrics.

Just play with the yarn and sticks, and have fun. You’re in the learning zone right now, so take advantage of it. You’ll be using the skills you acquire now for the rest of your knitting life.

Aw thank you both very much! I will definitely keep practicing and trying different ways to hold the yarn. I am excited to learn how to knit, but I do realize its going to take time and patience to get anywhere. I’ll make it eventually!

Keep it up, it all comes with practice. :slight_smile: If you haven’t already, try watching the videos on this site. They can be really helpful, and might point out a different way of doing things that might help you. Mostly, just remember what the other ladies said- it just takes time. :slight_smile:

Every one learns at their own pace. --it might take you a bit longer to learn.

Even tension (loose or tight) is even tension. there is nothing wrong with being a loose knitter, (tight knitting is more of an issue because it can make some techniques more difficult)

If you are having problems getting even tension, watch what you are doing, and learn to resolve.

if your tension is loose (but even) that is OK, (its just your style!)

If your tension is uneven, (a little bit) blocking will help resolve.

if your tension is VERY uneven pay attention to your knitting and see if you can recognize what you are doing that make the tension uneven, (and resolve that!)

there is always part of the knitter that goes into the fabric.
You can admire your friends tension, with out thinking that what you are doing is wrong–because its not!