How do I k1tbl,p1,k1tbl,*p2, k6,p2,k1tbl,p1,k1tbl

And then repeat from * 3 more times? I don’t know how to do a cable this way (which is what I’m trying to do) AND I only have 16 STITCHES on my needle! How do I repeat that so many times with only 16 stitches? I’ve been stuck on this for days. Please HELP!!

Hi and welcome!
There’s probably an asterisk at the end of the sequence of sts you gave.
k1tbl,p1,k1tbl,p2, k6,p2,k1tbl,p1,k1tbl
There are 3 sts before the first asterisk and 13sts with in the repeat area. You can’t repeat 3 times with the given row and only 16sts.
What pattern are you doing and can you post a link to the pattern?

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Please put the question in your post rather than subject line next time. It makes it easier to quote or whatever we need to do to help. Also if you have a link to the pattern and a pattern name it helps, too.

Hello! The pattern is an old, free one I got from Jo-Ann’s. I found a link for it
I hope it works. I’m on the SECOND SECTION of STRIP 2.

It looks like I’m unable to actually link the web page. Wonder if you can copy and paste it?

You still munged up the link, here it is -

So yes, the first 3 sts are not repeated, the ones after the * will be the repeat and they end with the same kind of sts you started the row so it’s symmetrical. The k1tbl will make twistes stitches, but you don’t really need to do them, you can just k1 p1 k1 instead.

Right. That much I understand except how am I supposed to p2,knit 6,p2, etc… THREE TIMES if I only have 16 stitches?? That bit alone would need 30 stitches. Am I missing something?

The multiple is 13 sts plus 3, the 16 sts would be for 1 repeat, so you must be on a strip or square that has more sts, like 42. I don’t see a strip that has that many stitches, and also don’t see where you knit the cable repeat sts 3 times. It may mean to repeat the cable [I]rows[/I] 3 times…

Certainly a frustrating pattern. The order of the strips is different in the directions and in the photo. For strip 2 the cast on is 16sts but that only gives you one cable up the strip and the photo clearly shows two (not 3 as the repeat states). Also, the strip then switches to basketweave II which is a different multiple which only works with the cable pattern at 16sts. Jeez, Louise!
Here’s what i would do, cast on 29sts (a multiple of 13 +3) and work the cable pattern when you get to it. That’ll give you the two cable twists that the photo shows. Forget about the directions to repeat 3 times, just repeat 2x total. When you’ve finished the cable and are ready to start the basketweave II, increase to 32sts (just space out 3 increases across the row) and that will give you the multiple of 8 that you need for the basketweave pattern.