How do i join 2 colours and switch back without cutting 'em

i want to make a scarf like the ones in harry potter…like 2 blocks of colours that alternate…so how do i join a different colour to the old yarn without having to cut off that old yarn?

If your contrast stripes are narrow, you can just carry it up along the side. Just have it go over the new yarn on the side and lift it up the side.

If the stripes are wide, you’re better off cutting and attaching the new color as you would any new ball.

Hey there sirotanchelly! I’ve done two HP scarves, and I can tell you, it’s best to cut the yarn. You can leave a nice tail on the inside of the scarf (I assume you’re knitting in the round?), and after you weave in the ends, the tails will be on the inside and no one will know.

If you need a pattern, I used this one.

Also, there’s a HP Scarf Knit-Along on this lovely message board, you can check it out here

wow! you guys are too kind!!! now i’m ready to make my fantabulous scarf for the winter!! :XX:

thanks so much!
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what does this actually mean?
"Just have it go over the new yarn on the side and lift it up the side. "

That doesn’t sound very clear, does it? :oops:

Another way of saying it is to have the new color go under the old color strand each time you come to that edge so that it carries it up the side.

Good luck on your scarf! Are you a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin? :slight_smile: