How do i get these YO holes i'm knitting smaller? working on pomatomus

I am having issues with the holes in pomatomus. i think i am doing something incorrectly. my pomatomus is turning out like this
(that isn’t my sock. it’ just an example) and i want it to turn out like this

there is a huge difference in the spaces, and i think it has something to do with the way i am doing the yarn overs? i am not an experienced knitter by any means.

please, if someone knows how to get the pomatomus to knit up with out the hue gaping holes, help!


Just from the look of the two images, you appear to be using larger needles than the pattern you really want to replicate…? If so, that will cause bigger holes.

If between a k and a p, or the other way round, try making the yo the short way round the needle. Otherwise, make them tighter. Only other option is smaller needles but that will change the whole stitch pattern/fit/gauge.

i think i know what you mean by short way around, so i will try that, and i will try to mind how loose that area is.

thank you both.

You could also try to do a lifted M1 instead of a YO. Just knit into the thread between the stitches, instead of doing a YO. It will give you a much smaller hole, but your stitch count will be correct.

Good luck