How do I get started?

I have never picked up knitting needles but I’m going to Michael’s today to buy some. I have an over-whelming urge to learn how to knit all of a sudden…is there such thing as a knitting biological clock? LOL.
Can someone please tell me what to buy…how to start…what is the simplest thing to make as a beginner…I was thinking a scarf? I am so excited to start but have no idea where start is.
Thank you,


Before you go out and buy anything, check out some of the videos on this very site. (Look at the top of the page…it’s the “View Videos” tab.) They’re very helpful and informative. I was taught the very, very basics by a neighborhood friend when I was a child, so now, when I want to see anything that isn’t very, very basic, I either check it out here on this site, or I go to

Once you get started, this forum is a great place with friendly people who are always willing to help when you get stuck.

Welcome to Knitting Help Forum!!

Here’s the basic needs to start:

Knitting needles size US 8-10
A smooth, solid - light colored, worsted weight (#4) yarn -

NO fuzzy or fancy yarns…they’re harder to learn on.

What this “demo of a small project” video…it shows you how to do a few things from start to finish. Then you can go to the other video sections for cast on stitches, knitting and purling.

If you prefer photos to videos check here. Sometimes it helps to have something sitting right beside you.