How Do I Gather Both Ends for A Pom-Pom Scarf?

Hello! New to the forums and I have a question. I’ve been knitting for a little while and decided to make a big scarf for a friend of mine with pom-poms on the ends. The pom-pom’s are no problem, I can make those with ease. But I just can’t wrap my head around on how to do the ends. I originally considered just doing an increase on the first end until I got to my desired width, and then decreasing on the opposite end but when I started the scarf like that it didn’t look quite how I wanted.

I’m using a super bulky acrylic wool with size 15 (10 mm) needles, which I’m very comfortable with.

Any thoughts?

Well, here’s a few ideas…

You can take the tails and run them through the cast-on, in fairly large stitches, and pull up the yarn. Don’t cut off the tails, use them to tie on the pom-poms.

You can decrease fairly quickly for a bit, then change over into i-cord for a few rows and then attach the pom-poms.

Just recently I saw a scarf that ended normally in the square way, and then they applied a giant “fringe” of a bunch of different sized pom-poms. That’d be a few too many pom-poms for me, but it was certainly impressive looking! :slight_smile: