How do I fix a sweater that turned out too big?

:waving:Hi I’m new and desparate.

I just found this forum while looking for ways to fix this sweater.

I’m just making up the Cable Pairing sweater from the Winter 1999 issue of Knitter’s magazine. I know, that’s a while ago.
I’ve made it for my husband. My knitting’s a bit tight so I went up a size. But the k3 p2 type of ribbing, doesn’t pull it in at the bottom. (I keep wanting to say jumper, not sweater - that’s the Aussie terminology). It’s not pulling in at the bottom, so it’s just hanging there.:oops:

I altered it to be a vee neck. First time I’ve done such a thing, and it worked!
The sleeves are a little too long … well I can take those off and pull back a couple of inches.
But the width in the body?
Can I sew it in narrower? Then I’ll have these big seams. What do I do with those?

Sorry to launch in with a problem, but that’s how I found you all.

Thanks in advance.

You could take off the bottom ribbing and knit down in a different, tighter ribbing, using smaller needles.

Insert a destination row with yarn or a circular needle, take out what you don’t like and reknit in the other direction. You won’t be able to tell that it’s knit the wrong way.

It will make the whole sweater look like a better fit.

Thanks Ingrid.

Sounds scary, but I think I’ll give it a try.