How do I evenly spilt a skein of yarn?

I am knitting me a k2 p2 scarf with 2 skeins of Paton’s Merino at the same time and I am almost out but I have one more left and I want to split it in half. I am not sure how to do it and make it even, any suggestions?

If you have a postage or food scale you can do it by weight…otherwise maybe you can wind it onto a swift or chair back, count how many times you wind it around, and re-wind half that number into a ball? :shrug: I can’t think of any easier ways to do it…

are you wanting to split it in half so you can use two strands? if so I would just knit from the inside and outside of the ball.

otherwise i guess you could measure it and then go from there. i usually just eyeball it. i think some would probably use a food scale too. :shrug:

You could pull the center yarn out and use the yarn on the OUTSIDE and put them together and knit that way.Or wind separte balls that way,but I would have someone hold the yarn while you do this.

:doh: What brendajos and momwolf suggested makes complete sense…unfortunately I already unwound the doggone thing! :doh: Sorry, I guess I should have said that before.

Just start winding new ball till they are both the same size

I purchased a kitchen scale that goes up to 16 oz. at Wal-mart for about $4. When I split a skein to make a pair of socks, I wind the ball on my winder and weigh the original skein until it’s half the original weight. Then I cut the yarn and wind the other half.

It works great! :smiley:

when you say you have unwound it, what form is it currently in?

2 hot dog looking balls of yarn currently and the sizes are about even but one is tighter than the other one. I think I need to unwind the loose one and rewind it. (my poor wrists!)

I don’t know if this helps, but I do as the others have suggested and wind it into two center pull balls. I eyeball them to get approximate equality, but I don’t cut the yarn. I put both balls (still joined) into a zip lock bag and use them that way accordingly. Example, even if I do this for a pair of socks (2 socks 1 skein) I work both socks at the same time, or work one without binding off then start the other. So if one ball has more yarn at the end I can just take from the other. Forgive me if that makes no sense lol. It isn’t even bulky to walk around with both in a baggie at the same time.


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