How do I drop stitch and unravel down?

Hi. I’m pretty new to knitting and am embarking on my first blanket for my oldest son who is at college. We picked the “tuck me in” blanket (yes, I thought the name was fitting :aww: ) from a booklet I have called, Five Big Needle Afghans.

Anyway, here is where I think I just need someone to talk me through. It says: Row 6: K2, p2 *drop next st and unravel it down 4 rows, insert tip of RH needle knitwise into 5th st down and also under 4 loose strands and k1, drawing st up with strands behind it, p2, rep from *, end k2. Basically I need help from * to * - unravel it how, drop the stitch down 4 and then when I put my needle in to knit that 5th stitch, how do i bring up those unraveled stitches. Do I enter the needle into each row on the way up? Knit each on the way up? I am playing with this before I actually cast on and make this blanket, so at this point I am soooo lost with this one row. Everything else is just simple knit and purl.

TIA for your help.

I haven’t done this before, but I’ve heard of it. You take that stitch off the tip of your needle and drop it down four rows. you’ll have yarn “ladders” stretching across. Then you take the tip of your needle and put it in the stitch on the 5th row down. You’ll keep it in FRONT of the 4 loose strands (they’ll just sit in the back). Then knit that stitch. It will pull a bit like a cable, but it will make the pattern you’re looking for.

You might want to put a lifeline in maybe 5 or 6 rows back, just so the stitch doesn’t accidentally drop further.

I hope this makes sense for you!

to unravel the stotch, imply slide it of your left hand needle and gently tug on the yarn to either aide of the loop. That will make that stitch undo, do that 4 times so you have 4 ‘rungs’ of yarn going between the two sides like a little ladder. I got a little confused after that, but after you have unravelled that stitch for 4 rows you will be left with a little loop (a stitch) on the 5th row down, that is where you are re-inserting your right hand needle.

Thank you. I think I understand. But now the thought of doing that every couple stitches every 6th row on a huge afghan seems … well scary. And extremely time consuming. I try to AVOID dropping stitches - lol! I’ll keep practicing. I did say I wanted to try something new.