How do I "drop next stitch off needle"

Do I just drop the stitch off so I have one less stitch on my needles or do I just move the stitch over without knitting it?

If it says to DROP it, you just let it fall off the needle without doing anything to it. I guess it’s a drop stitch pattern?

If you’re working a pattern like the elongated knit stitch and on the previous row you have made some ‘yarn overs’, then you would just drop them off your needle. HERE’s a video showing that stitch. Maybe it would help to see a stitch being dropped.

What are you making?


I was making a shawl. I just finished it last night. I was working on the edging. I just dropped the stitch right off the needle which of course made it unravel to the end. It has a webbing appearance. It actually came out pretty good.

Glad to hear it came out well! How about a picture?


That can work with some patterns. The clapotis scarf/shawl drops many stitches, and a lot of scarf or shawl patterns have you drop the first and last 5 or 6 sts when binding off to create a fringe. There’s even a shawl which is knit in the round, then you cut it and let the some of the sts drop to form the fringe.