How do i do this pattern without increasing stitch count?!

Hi, I have re done this numerous times and don’t understand where I am going wrong, I thunk it might be when inc in next st knitways? The pattern is as follows: I have 126 sts and the next row is:

'23 *p7, p2tog, next st knitways, k2, p4, k2, yfwd, k1, yfwd, k2, p5, * k28 rep from to once, k28

I seem to always end up with 130 sts not 126 - help please! Is it the yfwd I am doing wrong?

Many thansk in advance


When a pattern says to ‘inc [B]in[/B] next stitch’ you should be doing a kfb (knit front and back increase). That uses a stitch, and the yfwds adds 2 sts too. However, I get the wrong number also.

The yfwd is a YO and is just a wrap around the needle. Bring the yarn to the front, over the needle, knit the next st (the k1), then bring it around the needle again and knit the next 2 sts (k2). What’s the pattern and do you have a link to it? There’s no way you’re going to end up with 126 sts at the end of this row as written.

The-p2tog, next st knitways, cancel each other out in terms of stitch count. The yfwd, between knit stitches, will add 2 stitches per repeat, as yarnovers.

Are there decreases in the next row that account for this maybe?

Yeah, there’s one dec and 3 incs so there’s going to be more sts at the end.

How many sts do you start with?

the pattern as written increases 4 stitches, so going from 126 to 130 is correct accroding to the instructions. Perhaps there is a decrease in later row?