How do I do a "SCO"?

I’m doing the hand puppet pattern (Puppet TWO) and under “Upper Half of Puppet” it tellsme to do a SCO.

I assume that stands for “Single Cast On”? It’s in increase, right?

How do I do one of those? I don’t see it in the abbreviations area… can someone enlighten me?

Will it be really obvious when I get to that exact point?

I would say a SCO is a backward loop cast on, or any cast on st that only uses one strand.

In the abbrevations listed on the pattern it says that SCO is a single cast-on. Looking at the pattern instructions it is used to increase by one stitch at the very end of a row.


Thanks! I watched the video and managed to add the stitches where necessary…

one further question… at one point it says to do seed stitch for 4 rows… does that mean I do a total of 4 rows of seed stitch, meaning I would alternate knit/purl for a total of 8 rows? Or do I just do 4 rows - one starting with a knit stitch, the next with a purl stitch, etc.?

4 rows of seed stitch is just four rows total.