How do I do a "long stitch"?

Hi! I’m attempting to make a scarf and the pattern I’m using calls for a long stitch. There are no instructions in the book or even on the internet for how to do a long stitch. All my instructions tell me is to insert my needle 3 rows down and bring the yarn back up but I’ve never done this before and really need some help! Thanks!

PS is there a video that could show how this stitch is done? I find that it’s always easier to learn knitting by sight rather than by words! Thanks again!


I’ve never heard of it being referred to that way, but I think I understand what the pattern is asking for.

Here is an explanation of how to knit in
to the row one stitch below and the concept is basically the same, you’re just going to go down two more rows:

There’s also a video here:

Again it shows knitting into one row below, but the concept is the same…just go down two more stitches.

Thank you!!! :muah:

My pattern called it by that name too in a version of M5 I’ve never seen before. My lace looks just like the project picture now!