How do I Decreasing at the begin and end of each row

Hi new knitter here My name is Jenni I am making a sweater and need some help. Was wondering if I knit 2 together at begin and end and then purl two together at begin and end. Pattern just st says decrease 1 stitch at each end of next 7 rows. I am on the back at shape armhole stage. Thanks n advance

Hi Jenni, welcome to KH. Yes, you are correct. Just k2tog at each end on the RS and P2tog each end on the WS (if you are knitting in stst)
Good luck with your sweater.

Thanks heaps I think I’m one of those people who need to be told what type of decrease to do lol I was trying it on a swatch with different knit decrease k1s1pso at start and knit 2 tog at end of row and it looks messy

Hi, if pattern says to decrease 1 on each of 7 rows then you would do just one decrease- knitting 2 together on RS and p2 on WS. If you do it at beginning and and end you are decreasing 2 (twice) not 1. BTW, you don’t have to decrease at edge you can do one or two stitches first then decrease.

Thank you :blush: