How do I crochet an edge?

Having decided to tackle a trickier knitting project (sheldon the turtle:

I am having a little difficulty knowing how to crochet around the edge of the piece I have just made, in order to make it into a bowl shape.

Instructions are:
[I]Row 37 [RS]: BO all sts.
Insert crochet hook into last st and work single crochet along edge of piece to the first leg hole; fold piece so that corners of leg hole meet, and continue to work single crochet around edge of piece, joining corners of remaining leg holes in the same way. You will have a little bowl-shaped piece of knitting with four leg holes.
Work a second round of single crochet, break yarn, draw through last st and pull tight. Weave in end on WS.[/I]

Do I make a loop on the crochet hook and then just stick it through the edge and crochet like that… I’m a little confused! Any help would be much appreciated, thank you! :slight_smile:

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lets see if I can help you out.
after you get through knitting the piece you are going to bind all the stitches off the needles
Then you are going to do a sc around the piece ( one sc in the side of each row) except at the corners you are going to hold them together and crochet through both thicknesses.
You can make a loop on the crochet hook and the start that away or you can stick the needle through the first stitch and pull up a loop, chain 1 and sc in that same space and continue around working 1 sc in each st.

Tip: when I knit I do not work the last stitch on the needle, I slip the last st onto the needle with the rest of the stitches, turn my work, and then knit the last stitch which becomes the first stitch when you turn it. It makes the edges neater and makes it easier to work around the piece. But I don’t know if this method works for everything.

Hope this helps and not make you more confused.Maybe someone will come along and explain it better than I did.

thanks for your detailed explanation, i managed to crochet round the edge eventually… possibly correctly, possibly not, but it looked okay!

i have now been inspired to pick up the crochet hook again and to try learn properly!

I didnt read the other reply so sorry if this is a repeat…
When I am doing a edging on my items, first i make a slip knot on the hook making sure to leave a tail to sew in later. Then i insert the hook in the desired stitch and do a slip stitch or sc… whatever the pattern calls for. then crochet around the square. So if it were a SC border, i would slipknot on the hook, join with a SC, then SC around. join to first stitch with a slip stitch. help you any? :think::cheering::yay: