How do I crochet an edge?

Having decided to tackle a trickier knitting project (sheldon the turtle:

I am having a little difficulty knowing how to crochet around the edge of the piece I have just made, in order to make it into a bowl shape.

Instructions are:
[I]Row 37 [/I][RS]: BO all sts.
[I] Insert crochet hook into last st and work single crochet along edge of piece to the first leg hole; fold piece so that corners of leg hole meet, and continue to work single crochet around edge of piece, joining corners of remaining leg holes in the same way. You will have a little bowl-shaped piece of knitting with four leg holes.
Work a second round of single crochet, break yarn, draw through last st and pull tight. Weave in end on WS.

[/I]I have attempted crochet before, which I just about managed (that’s a WHOLE other story) but I’m not sure where to start with this. Do I make a loop on the crochet hook and then just stick it through the edge and crochet like that… I’m a little confused!

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you! :slight_smile:

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I"m not sure if you’re asking crocheting in general or specifically to the turtle, but here’s a link to instructions.

Also there is a turtle KAL in the KAL forum and we now have a crochet forum that you might check out.

Thanks for you quick reply, in this instance I am asking about how to crochet the specific edge for the turtle, I will tackle full-on crochet again when I am feeling braver! Will x-post this in the crochet bit too, thanks again!


If it doesn’t say to cut the yarn after binding off, I would transfer the single loop left on my knitting needle from the bind-off to my hook and use it as the loop to begin the single crochets starting under the front and back loops of the next stitch and continueing around my edges.

If it says to cut the yarn after the bind-off, I would insert the hook under the two front and back loops of the last stitch of the bind-off attach the yarn with a slip stitch and begin my single crochet around the edges.

I know it sounds confusing…I hope you find a video to help you visualize the process.

Good luck with your project…I’d look forward to seeing it as an FO! :slight_smile:

thanks for that karrying kolor, i was wondering about using the yarn to continue the crochet and your explanation is very clear.

and yes, when it’s finished i will post it as a FO with pride!