How do I change to a new colour?

Hello! I’m trying to learn how to knit with different colours using intarsia, but am not getting very far as I can’t seem to find out how to actually start the process? How do you introduce a new colour into your work (part way through a row, not at the beginning of a row)? I’ve been searching the internet and can find plenty of info on how to change from one colour to another when the yarns are already attached, but nothing much which explains how to actually attach the new yarns in the first place? :??

Any help would be hugely appreciated!

Thanks :slight_smile: ginny

Some resources say just to tie a knot, others say to just knit and weave in the end later, or you can, on the next row, twist the two strands together to reinforce it more.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Any tips on which is the best method? What sort of knot do you tie if using this aproach? I’ve heard that knots can become a bit messy as they can end up poking through the front of your work?

I found a site that said to loop the new yarn around the old yarn, then make your first two stitches with a double thread of the new colour (i.e. you knit the first two stitches with both the main length and the tail of the new colour) then drop the tail and continue knitting as normal with a single thread of the new colour. On the next row, you then just treat those double stitches as one. I think this sort of weaves it in as you knit, rather than having to weave it in later? Is that right?

Thanks again. I only started learning how to knit last weekend…and already I’m hooked! I was half-way through a row this morning when I had to get off the bus on my way to work, so I stood out in the drizzle on the side of the road in the middle of the city finishing it off!

Yup! You’re hooked!

This site, I believe is the one that said just to knot. I think for intarsia, since you’re switching yarns, the knot isn’t as likely to pop through. I weave in, too, but the more I do and read, the less it seems to matter.