How do I cast on mid row?

I’m currently working on some mittens in the round and I’m coming to the thumb.

The instructions say:

“k2, M1, k12, place all stitches between markers on holder, cast on 2 stitches, k2,
p1, k12, p1”

Since it is just two stitches, should I use the regular cast on method of making loops and putting them on the needle or should I use a cable cast on?Will either mess with the pattern?Since it is not stated in the pattern what method to use, is there just a method I should always assume is being asked for in a mid row cast on?

You can use the loops or knit cast on, a cable cast on might be too bulky for this. Which cast on you use can depend on what you do with the cast on sts later. For a few sts the loop is okay, but not very good for more than 5 or 6. If you need to pick up sts in the CO later, I like to use the knit cast on.