how do I cast off without ending up with 1 stitch

Hi I’m new after 14 years I needed to start a hobby so I’m knitting a cardigan ! I have to patt 12 stitches then cast off remaining 8 but I end up with a gap where I’ve cast off and then 1 stitch ! also what does Patt mean, many thanks Pips

Because it’s difficult to bind off at the end of a row, work to the end of the row, turn and bind off at the beginning of the next row.
What pattern are you following?
Patt means pattern and it refers to whatever stitch sequence you have been working. Continue that pattern stitch on the current row.

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Hi I’m stuck badly, it says Patt 11 cast off remaining 7 stitches when I do that I end up with a gap where I’ve cast off but still 1 stitch remaining helpPips

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What is the name of your pattern and where are you in the pattern (shoulder bind off or something else)?

Because it’s difficult to bind off at the end of the row, it’s easiest to turn and bind off at the beginning of the next row.
What are the directions for the following row? Don’t give us a large portion of the pattern but a row or 2 is fine. This is because of copyrights.

I’m trying to finish off the left front and I’m completely confused, you can see what I’m supposed to do but I end up with one stitch still left on my needle. It’s been a long long time but I really want to start knitting again, I used to love it.

Many thanks


For the left front, Shape front neck section, pattern across the 11 sts for the largest size and continue across the row to the end, turn, cast off 7sts and work back across to the armhole edge. Now, on the RS row dec at the armhole edge, pattern across toward the neck edge and dec 1 stitch at the neck edge, turn, dec 1 st and work back to the armhole. Repeat the dec at the armhole and neck edges on the next row and every other row for the armhole and neck as given in the pattern until 2sts remain.
I usually make a table noting the number of dec at the neck edge and the armhole and then cross them off as I work them.

So in total if you call the ‘next row’, row 1 then dec at the neck edge on rows 1,2,3,5 and 7. Dec at the armhole on rows 1,3,5,7.

That makes sense thank you so much I’ll continue to enjoy it now.

Take care Mar

Hi me again and of course I’m stuck ! I’m trying to do the spikes and I’ve cast on 6 stitches but when I look at the following instructions it says 13 sts and so on, what does m1 mean ? I thought it referred to the colour of the wool I’m using as it says nothing about increasing sts. I’ve no patience and I’m thrilled I’ve come this far but now I can’t go any further, can you help ?

Thank you


m1 is an increase, a make one stitch. Here’s a video for m1. You can use either the right or left leaning increases since your pattern doesn’t specify.

What is the name of your pattern?

I really believe this is the worst pattern I could have used to restart my knitting career ! I’ll keep trying but forgive me I may contact you again but thank you so much I can continue now and finish my night in a happy mood. Take care