How do I cast more stitches on to an existing row using the longtail method?

I am making a vest and it says to use the longtail method for casting on throughout the pattern. I now have to cast more stitches on to an existing row and I cannot figure out how in the world to do it with this method!! Is it even possible? Do I have to cut the yarn and then weave them back together? I am stumped and cannot move forward on this project.

When you need to cast on a number of sts in the mddle of a project, knitted cast on or cable cast on are good techniques to use. There’s videos of both under Cast On on the Free Videos tab at the top of the page. Long tail is great for the beginning cast on but not useful in this situation.

Thank you so much. Using that method didn’t make sense to me either, but since I am only an intermediate knitter I thought I’d better ask!!

You can use another strand of yarn for the thumb yarn, but it’s much easier to Co with the knit or cable CO.

Apparently there is such a thing as a long tail cast on in the middle of the row. According to what it says at the bottom of this video window, you use a second strand of yarn to do this in the same color as your main. This must be a piece of waste yarn. They used a darker one for illustration purposes in the video. I learned something new today.

Thank you, thank you!
That’s my video you just posted! :smiley:

I posted it to youtube because someone on here was having issues with casting on in the middle of a row (saartje booties).

Longtail cast on in the middle of a row is possible, even though a bit hard to understand at first.
This video should make it clear.

I used a darker strand to show the difference between the two strands, you would use the same color.

Okay, so my question is, is this just a single piece of waste yarn that you use? Am I correct in thinking that this is just a short piece, it’s dropped at the end of the cast on, and the beginning and end of this is woven into the back of the work when finishing?

Yes, you just need a short piece and weave in the ends in the end.
It basically just serves to hold the new stitches together.

I usually do a cable cast on but am not happy with the hole in the first cast on stitch. I will definitely give this a try. Thanks so much! I learn something on this forum all the time.