How do I "cast back on"?

I casted (cast?) off a piece and it is about 4 inches too short for the pillow form I want to use. :oops: I know, I know … measure twice, cut once … :rollseyes: Is there a way I can put the piece back onto my needles and add more rows?

I’m a fairly new knitter…but, if it were my work, I would frog it until I had taken off the first row or two and reinsert my needle and get back to work :XX: IF you have already cut it, just join the yarn as you would for a new ball. Others may have a better method so wait a bit before you follow my advice!


Amy has a video for re-inserting your needle in an entire row, then frogging so you can “rewind” to a certian point in your knitting…that is what I’d probably do…go down a few rows, reinsert the needle, frog it, then rejoin the working yarn. Good luck!

The video is on this page, under “fixing mistakes.”

That is exactly what I need to do. I am using Lion Brand Homespun and was worried about trying to get the needle back into the loops! THANKS!
I should have looked for a video, frist. I should have known there woudl be one! so off I go to rip it, rip it, rip it :frog:

It must be spring! I hear a chorus of little froggies! :lol:

:rofl: :rofling:

That is a classic!!

I watched Amy’s video to “re cast on” … I don’t have any small cable needles … OH MY, I will have to go to the yarn store!

instead of using a cable needle may a double pointed needle that is you already have them

nope, this TOTALLY calls for a trip to the LYS. it might turn into SEX*, too! Bonus!

[size=2]*Stash Enrichment Expedition[/size]