How do I cable in pattern please help

Hi Im knitting a dolls jumper and although I’ve knitted for years I haven’t done cableing before so I thought I’d give it a go on this pattern. however I don’t understand how I can cable in line with the pattern . can anyone help explain it to me please. instructions are
1st row right side p3 *k4,p3 rep from * to end
2nd row k3, *p4,k3 rep from * to end.
3rd and 4th rows as 1st and second rows
5th row p3 * C4, p3 rep from * to end.
its that last row of course which I don’t understand ok I p3 but then do I transfer the next 4 stitches to the cable needle and if so do I then p3stitches or should I be knitting 4 stitches. Anyones help is much appreciated I’d love to add cableing to my knitting projects. hope someone can help best wishes denise

A cable 4 is really 2/2. There are a total of 4 stitches in the cable. You put 2 on the cable needle and hold to the back or front, as the directions indicate, knit 2 from the needle and then 2 from the cable needle.

ahhhhhh I see the light thankyou so much for your help and for replying so quickly I can now carry on with the pattern and be proud to add cabeling to my knitting knowledge and it’s all thanks to you. :heart: :cheering: thanks a million best wishes Denise