How do i break the yarn?

When the pattern calls for breaking the yarn, how do I cut it and not have it unravel? Thanks.

I’m assuming you mean having your work unravel right? You have to weave in the ends. This usually works fine.

Break the yarn just means to cut it. It sounds like you may realize that part. There is not really anything special you do about the “way” you cut it, just cut it leaving a tail about 4-6" long so that you can work the tail in at the end of your project. If you have bound off or otherwise only have one stitch loop on your needle just run the tail back through that one loop and pull on the tail a tad to snug it up, [B]or [/B]leave the needle in the stitch loop and with the tail cut, pull up on the needle until the end of the yarn pulls through and that will finish it off so it doesn’t unravel.

Thanks! I wasn’t sure about the tail part. I’ll do that and weave it in with a needle.