How do I block acrylic?

Hi everyone!
I have been knitting up a sweater…A SWEATER!! YAY! I am knitting it flat, so I would like to know how (if possible) to block it. It is knit in stockinette, so the bottom edge curls. This is my first sweater, so I am just about clueless on how to block it. Will the rolled edge go away when I seam it? TIA! :muah:

Congrats on your sweater!!! I can’t help ya with blocking, but I will say that the curl on the bottom edge won’t go away after it’s seamed. Since the side edges will be seamed, there won’t be anywhere for them to curl, so those, of course, will be straight.

ok ay, thanks!

The rolled edges on the sides and shoulders will go away with seaming, but the bottom edge will continue to curl unless you add a non-curling edge like ribbing, garter stitch, or moss stitch. Stockinette always curls. You can’t block it out. Some sweaters are designed to have a curled or rolled edge on purpose, is that the case with yours? Acrylic doesn’t really block like natural fibers do. After it is seamed and finished, wash and dry according to the yarn label instructions. This will even out the stitches and it will look nice. For more about curling edges there is a “sticky” thread about that at the top of the How To section.

Depending on the acrylic you can try pinning and dampening on a blocking board (or similar). You can use any large, flat surface into which you can secure pins and is protected from moisture. Lay piece(s) flat and weigh down with damp towel overnight. Or cover with pressing cloth and steam lightly W/O touching with iron.

I’ve blocked acrylics this way (scarves, afghan blocks) with fairly good success. It won’t take out curling edges but will help shape, flatten a bit.


Good for you Rosalie! :cheering: So happy to hear that you are thinking in terms of finishing techniques, such as blocking! It is so important that we don’t skip this important step. Acyrlic doesn’t exactly “block” like wools and wool blends…but I can say from experience, that your finished stitches will have a nicer, more even appearance after blocking! Much nicer.

And the other knitters gave good tips on how to block.

I usually just pin the garment down onto a blocking board, then lay damp white wash cloths or towels over the top of the pieces, and leave everything alone til the towels are bone dry. The towels kinda steam the pieces gently, and without heat.

Patience, patience, patience. Let things stay put til BONE DRY.
In the meantime, start another project, keep yourself occupied…and you won’t jump the gun and un-pin your pieces too soon!

Be sure and post photos of your sweater!! :cheering:

thx artlady! i will post pix!