How do I attatch the sleeves?

I am making the wonderful wallaby and it is my first sweater made from the bottom up I am getting ready to finish my first sleeve and decided to read ahead just a bit to see the next step and I am panicking I don’t get it!!

It says to return to body of sweater.Join sleeve k across sleeve sts, then across back of sweater,then across 2nd sleeve sts … maybe it will seem easier once I get to that point but I am not sure what I am supposed to do with the sts I have on holders on the body for under the arms!!!HELP I knew I should not have looked ahead .

Yes, always read ahead in the pattern. It usually tells you what to do… :wink:

Leave the underarm stitches on their holders while you knit the rest of the sweater. I’m sure the finishing instructions will tell you to do a 3 needle BO or kitchener stitch to weave them together.


Hahaha I knew I would have to read ahead eventually but I usually like to wait and do one step at a time because some things don’t make sense untill you try it.Do you kow what I mean ?

Yes, that’s true, you can drive yourself nuts trying to visualize something and it doesn’t make sense until you’re there with needles and yarn. But it doesn’t hurt to skim ahead, especially if you’re not sure of something, to see if what to do is mentioned later on.


It’s tempting to plunge into things without a thorough read through in advance, even though it’s recommended for everything from mulitple choice tests, crossword puzzles, recipes, as well as sewing and knitting patterns. It’s almost as if one fears that taking in the entirety of the task will “spoil the mood” of an exciting new endeavor. I’m learning though. I will at least read through the instructions for the part of the garment I’m starting, for example, “sleeve” or “right front”. Otherwise I end up knitting, unravelling, knitting, unravelling, etc.! What’s fun about that?

I just realized I posted this in the wrong forum is there any way to move it??

There’s nothing wrong with it here. I’m sure many people do as I do - click on the `View posts since last visit’ link where the newest posts in all the forums show up, so we see them regardless of which one they’re posted in.


Thanks. :muah: I just figured out how to do it once I had both sleeves finished and was able to hold them up to the sweater it was no problem at all !!

Yeah, once you have the parts underway you can usually see how they all fit together.