How do I advance my knitting?

Hi Lovely Knitters,

My mum and a kind neighbour of mine taught me to knit when I was young and of course fell in love with it but after I’d mastered the basics and knocked out a heap of begginner projects I stopped. I picked my needles back up awhile a go and now I’m looking for a new challenge but I’m not sure where to start!! I’m nervous about starting a project and finding I can’t finish it.
Can any one suggest a good ‘next step’ kind of project or recommend one of the products in the shop, they all look good so I don’t know which direction to go.

Thank you xoxo

Take a look at the patterns on Ravelry (free to join the site) or Pattern Central and see what interests you. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Look at the directions and remember that you can always get help here if you need it.

I learned a lot on my own (way back) with only books to help me. Now there is so much help on-line and I’ve learned a ton that way. What I suggest is that you find a rather small project, something you are interested in that has only 1 or 2 elements that are new to you. Look at projects and pick possibilities and then read through the patterns until you find one where most of it makes sense, but with at least 1 new thing in it. I used to do that all the time and learned a lot that way. I was always afraid I would buy yarn and all and not finish, but a small project and just one step harder helped me finish things. Have fun and remember there is always help available these days here and on other knitting sites.

Try for a smaller project, don’t start a 6 foot long scarf, they get boring after the first couple feet anyway. You could try out some stitch patterns and practice them, not really making something, just playing with the yarn and sts. Look at the increases and decreases pages and do a sampler like the one shown there. That will improve your skills and give you lots of practice.

Amen to this! I never recommend a scarf as a project for newer knitters although some people do like to make them. :wink:

How about a hat? Or a seamless baby sweater? Easier than you think and you learn some new simple techniques.