How do I add embroidered flowers?

I’m trying to knit a sweater with flowers and patterns added that I’ll call embroidered. They look like they’ve been added by embroidering them onto the surface with different colored yarns. The pattern offers no instructions. Are these added in a fashion similar to silk-ribbon embroidery? Does anyone understand what I’m talking about? Can anyone offer me instruction?

Thanks for any help.


Maybe they’re using a duplicate stitch?
Let me see if I can find a page explaining how to do this…[COLOR=#333333][/COLOR]

Ok, here’s an explanation of duplicate stitch found at annie’s attic:

Here’s example of actual embroidery on crocheted pillow but same could be done on knitted fabric. Draw design on tissue or light interfacing (use this if fabric needs stabilizing), baste to fabric. Stitch directly thru the tissue/interfacing as it’ll tear away when done. I unplied worsted and used large tapestry needle.

Dupe stitch is, as noted, another option, but you’re limited to the shapes created by replicating existing sts.


Good info - thanks ladies.