How do i adapt a pattern from uk Double Knit to Chunky

Hi all,

I’m new to the site - really impressed ! I hope someone can advise me on this one…

I’ve been knitting for years and i class myself as intermidate level lol - my friends are all shocked that i can knit as i am in my 20’s and it’s not always seen as cool!

Ok, i want to adapt a pattern Double Knit Snowflake by Sidar to a Chunky Snowflake Sidar yarn. The pattern is for a funky baby hat - obviously can’t post the pattern! How would you suggest i do this? Is it worth me knitting a gage in a smaller needle until i can match the pattern? It is currently reccommending a uk 8 / 4mm needle - should i start with a 3 3/4 needle ?

All advice would be welcome - i really want to use this yarn that i have been given and don’t want to buy another pattern as i am sure this hat can work with the chunky version of snowflake.


S-J xx

Does it actually have a snowflake on it or is that a reference to a DK yarn? If it’s just a basic hat pattern there are dozens of free patterns online that you wouldn’t have to fiddle with the gauge.

Double knit to chunky is a big leap…If you use to small a needle your fabric will become to stiff. It’s better to adjust the stitch count which you can can figure out by doing a gauge swatch. The problem will come if there is a pattern on the hat such as a snowflake.

If you can find a picture or the pattern please link to it.


Snowflake is the name of the yarn. Please see link below:

I think then that i need to workout the sizing, by adapting the gauge - for example the dk yarn give the following info:

10 x 10 cm = 29 rows (4x 4ins) 20 sts. on 4mm, Uk8, US6 needles

The Chunky is as follows:

10 x 10cm = 19ows (4 x4ins) 14sts on 5 1/2mm, UK5, US8 needles.

I know this yarn will not to be too heavy for the hat (e - on the pattern) as it is an ultra light chunky.

Any ideas the best way to adapt the pattern - i’m not firghtened of a calculator lol

I hope you can help

S-J x

If you know the size of the baby’s head you can calculate how many to cast on based on the stitches per inch that you figure out from the swatch.

You’ll have to recalculate the decreases for the crown, too. For decreases I try to cast on a multiple of 10 for simplicity and you can usually round out your number for that. If not then choose a number that will be easy to calculate evenly.

You can double strand DK yarn and it should knit up to a chunky/bulky gauge. Though by the gauge, that chunky yarn sounds more like a worsted weight, aran weight at best.