How common is couple's knitting?

I have noticed BostonBecca’s boyfriend has started not only knitting, but a knitting blog. And also saw where Gamerchick said she taught her husband to knit. My husband of 40 years let me teach him to knit last fall on our anniversary. He became quickly addicted and knit about 20 hats, one right after the other, all his own designs, just experimenting and learning. He is on to other projects now but is still interested and will no doubt take it up again when it gets cold.

:??I was wondering how many other people have spouses or boyfriend/girlfriends who knit? In other words is this couple’s knitting common, or rare? If your DH/DW or DBF/DGF doesn’t knit, do you think you would like them to? How does couple’s knitting work? Do you fight over needles? Enjoy SEX together? (Couldn’t resist this abbreviation, if you don’t know it please check the frequently used abbreviations. :roflhard: It’s not all that private.)

Looking forward to hearing from you all. :grphug:

I taught DH to knit about 1 1/2 to 2 years ago. He likes it, but is nowhere as addicted as I am, and he also dosen’t understand my fiber addiction, but he does scowl when he touches crap yarns in stored :slight_smile: He’s knit a full sized afghan (there’s a thread with pics of it floating somewhere around here) , some pillows, hats, & gloves.

The guy I used to date thinks of it as “Womans work” which is how I like it. LOL

Several years ago I taught my DH to sew and he then taught himself to quilt. I taught him to use one of those round loom knitters and he made himself a hat last year but hasn’t really expressed much interest in learning to crochet, hand or machine knit. I, on the other hand, have no desire to learn his hobbies which include fishing, gunsmithing, fishing, woodworking, fishing and fishing. Oh, and judging by the expanding sizes and number of toolboxes, random tool collecting. And fishing.

My wife knits but I knit a lot more.


that’s kind of like my stash is bigger than your stash. :teehee:

MerigoldinWA: Wow…your DH designs his own stuff??? I don’t even know how to do that, except for on simple scarves! :lol: I’m impressed!

Jax3303: I literally laughed out loud when you said your DH scowls when he touches crap yarns. That…is…awesome! :cheering:

Jeremy: You rock. :happydancing:

I have to say that my DH wasn’t too weirded out about learning to knit, and he did get even more comfortable about knitting when I showed him all the guys on here and some of the pics of the FO’s/WIP’s done by guys. He’s a creative person and he likes to make things with his hands, so the possibility of making a cool hat, scarf or blanket (doing it himself, and making something that he WANTS and that is useful) really appeals to him.

This Sunday after around 4pm, the Discovery Channel is running all shows that have to do with ancient Egypt. We love that kind of thing, so we’ve already made plans to just sit down at 4pm and knit all night while we listen/watch the shows. :cheering: I love being able to share this hobby with him. I hope he gets more addicted as he gets going. :slight_smile:

I’ve taught both of my children how to finger-weave, and will be teaching them to knit later this fall/winter when we’re looking for indoor activities. :wink:

DH and I have a deal… he don’t knit and I don’t drink. What he spends on beer in a month, I get to spend on yarn. Funny how his drinking slowed waaaayyy down after that!

I taught my bloke to knit, he enjoys it but still gives me ‘looks’ when I spend too much on yarn, although the other day he was a total sweetheart and, while I was drooling over pretty yarns for a top I want to make, went ‘I need £50, cry’, at which point he came over, kicked me off the puter and transferred the money into my account despite my protests. He’s adorable, but I’m still not sure if I’ll ever get the scarf he’s been knitting for me for 6 months :wink:

You women tell your boyfriends how much you spend on yarn? Until I see a wedding ring on my finger I just don’t think it is any of his business as my finances are my finances!

I think it is normal/appropriate to at least learn about your sig other’s hobbies. I did stress to M that knitting was originally a guys’ thing and I think we are both pretty progressive in thinking that there aren’t really activities that are only for one gender.

My DH and I follow a simple principle: as long as we can afford it, I can get whatever I want, and he can get whatever he wants. If I want to spend a bunch of $$$ on yarn or needles or whatever and we’ve got the cash, I do. If we don’t have the cash, I’ll skip it (we’re not rich or anything like that). It works out perfectly. I didn’t buy myself anything leading up to his birthday and we were able to get him an expensive video camera, which he has been wanting FOREVER (he likes to make short films and stuff…youtuber). We never fight about money. I :heart: that about us. :slight_smile:


When I first taught DH the knit and purl stitches and he had made a few little swatches I told him he was ready to make something, what did he want to make? And he said a hat. So then I said okay, “You need to learn how to rib and you’ll need to learn to work on a circular needle, but that’s not hard.” So I just taught him the basics of how to make a hat. No gauge swatches or anything, just cast on 84 stitches and make a hat. When he got to the top I showed him how to do the decreases. He is not interested in learning to follow a pattern.

Here is my Photobucket site that has pictures of his hats. The first ones will be the the last ones he made. The first one he made is the second from the end. There are 4 pages of hats, multiple views of some of them. Click on “Things Hubby Made” if you’d like to look. I taught him corrugated ribbing because I thought he would like it, he did. He learned a lot of things; every hat would give him an idea for another. He is very artistic and has made things with his hands all his life. Some things he has made are cabins, a boat, sandals, quilts, and some of the best Vacation Bible decorations in the country. :woot: I’m pretty proud of him.

Oh my… you are some very lucky women. I was telling my DBF the other day about a scarf swap I had just joined. He told me I have too many old lady hobbies (knitting and crochet). When I was crocheting my giant ripple, I’d catch him watching me. I’d slow down, explain the act of a dc to him, and then offer to teach him. It was like he turned green at the idea! I can’t even imagine suggesting to him that I teach him to knit. Maybe one day in the future. He is really good about bringing me to AC Moore to get yarn though :X


What a talented husband you have!! His hats are fabulous. I really love his use of color and structure. Greaat job!!

My DH refuses to let me teach him! But he is very supportive of me doing it so I’m not complaining :heart:

MerigoldinWA: Your husband’s hats are A-MA-ZING! I am SO impressed! He’s way beyond my skill level, lol…I’m just a beginner and I don’t yet understand how to do Fair Isle or Intarsia. And hey…YOUR stuff is incredible also!!! Thanks so much for sharing. I bookmarked your photobucket so I can show my DH all of the amazing projects. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Riss: If you stay together, I bet that you will one day teach him how to knit. Just remember that I said so when he finally breaks down! It might take two weeks or ten years, but I bet he comes around. You never know, right??? :lol:

[SIZE=3][FONT=Times New Roman]Becca – It got to the point where I didn’t even want to tell my DH what I was spending on yarn! That’s when we gave ourselves monthly hobby budgets. [/FONT][FONT=Wingdings][FONT=Wingdings]J[/FONT][/FONT][/SIZE]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]Merigold – Those hats are fabulous! [/SIZE][/FONT]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]I love that some of you knit with your SOs. DH would never be interested in knitting. But then, I guess I’d never be interested in fixing his truck or building a computer, so that’s fair.[/SIZE][/FONT]

Suggestion: When a male SO says something about knitting as an “old lady” thing say this as a response, “what’s wrong with old ladies?” I happen to be proud of my grandmother and and I don’t like people dispariging her simply becasue she’s a woman over a certain age. Or saying that knitting is “women’s work” say “what’s wrong with women’s work? It’s women that put you on this palnet ya know!”

My dh is still of the mistaken belief that knitting is something old women do. He believes that, at 29 years old, I am “eccentric” and that this is just another of my “quirky” habits that he can love about me.

I know, because he told me so.:rollseyes:

I offered to teach him to knit, but got the same response I got when I offered to teach him to paint. I think I’ll stop trying to make my straightlaced, conservative hubby anything but himself…God knows he doesn’t try to make his artsy fartsy “quirky” wife anything but what she is!