How come every time

How come every time I pick up stitches, I get this bumpy line across the back? I’m following Amy’s video and picking up two loops, but it seems like they are rolling back after I knit into them on the next row. Anyone else have this problem? Or know how to fix it? I solved it before by picking up the wrong side, and then when I knitted, the bumpy row was with the purls, but this time according to the directions, I think I need to pick them up on the right side?! Thanks much!!

:?? There is a kind of seam that occurs when you pick up stitches, but I always pick up on the right side and it stays on the wrong side. I put my needle in through a hole in the stitch and pull my yarn through. :thinking:
Here’s an illustration if it might help.

I pick up stitches from the right side going from right to left and the “seam” stays on the wrong side.

Are you holding the needle in your right hand and picking up the stitches from the right side?

Okay, whew, that’s what I’m doing, so the ‘seam’ is normal. It just tells me to pick up the stitches, (insert pattern specific important info) and then K 1 row, P 1 row, so that would mean I would have to pick up on wrong side, right?! :thinking:
I’ll just pick them up on the right side and P 1 row, K 1 row. Easy enough! I just basically wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something when I was picking up the stitches.
Thanks so much ladies! :thumbsup: