How can you tell the right side and the wrong side of project?

I am learning to knit a Cropped Cardigan and have just finished the 2 inch ribbing. The pattern says after you complete ribbing to 2 inches, ending with a WS now and increase 10 sts evenly across last row. My question is, do I add another roll to the ribbing since the pattern is after casting on, work Row 1:K2, P2 and Row 2:P2, K2… repeating until 2" wide. How can I tell which is the WS/RS? I guess I just yarn over to increase the needed 10 sticthes?
Thanks, Anne

Is it knit in the round or are you doing pieces to seam? If you’re knitting seamless just measure the two inches. If you’re seaming then you’d want the same number of rows so you’d need to count them.

The RS is the side that you want to show…the public side. The WS is the side that you want to be inside the sweater. If all you’ve done is ribbing it doesn’t matter. Just choose which side will be the public side and put a safety pin on it so you can remember. Then continue the pattern.

If you have a link to the pattern it would help.

Thank you so much… since I have only done the ribbing and both sides look the same so I guess it wouldn’t matter. I left a tail from the beginning long tail cast on and thought that would help me keep which side was right or wrong. I bought the pattern which is Plymouth Yarn Design Studio #1720 “Encore Tweed: Top-Down Cropped Cardigan. The pattern basically begins with the 2” ribbing and then starts the Body: Starting at neck edge, with smaller needle, loosely cast on 94 sts. Work in k2- p2 ribbing for 2", ending with a WS row and increasing 10 sts evenly across last row to 104 sts. Change to larger needle.

Raglan Shaping: Row 1 (RS): K16 yo, k1, place marker, k1, yo, k16, yo, k1, place marker, k1, yo, k32, yo, k1, place marker, k1, yo, k16,yo, k1, place marker, k1, yo, k16 for left front - 112 sts.

Row 2 and all WS rows: Purl.
Note: On every RS row, you will be doing increases on each side of every marker as follows: (yo, k1 slip marker, k1, yo).

This is suppose to be a fairly easy pattern but I have only made knitted scarves and blankets so I get a little lost with all of this. I will go to the shop where I bought the pattern & yarn as soon as I get a chance but was hoping to get a little further with it if possible. Thanks for your help! Anne

I found it!

That’s cute and yes, it’s very easy. Just follow the pattern and ask if you have more questions. :thumbsup:

For most patterns like this that start out with ribbing, I think they’re just giving you information that you’re going to start with the RS row of the next stitch pattern.

yep, that’s it… thanks! I’m sure I’ll be back… LOL

Well, it starts from the top down from what the lady at the yarn shop told me. Kind of neat really, I think. I guess after I finish the ribbing sequence for 2 inches, I guess the last roll should be the one that I start the increase on or should I add another roll of ribbing and do the M1F stitch to increase on that roll to increase 10 stitches?

Just measure the ribbing you have now. If it’s about 2 inches do one more ribbed row and do your increases. So see if they suggest an increase and then consider that the WS.

(The term is row not roll by the way… it’ll make it easier to understand for helpers. :wink: )

Thanks Jan, I will go by your suggestion… makes sense. Sorry about using the wrong word there… I knew that it was a row but wasn’t paying attention when I typed it I guess. Thanks so much for your help… much appreciated! Anne

You’re welcome! Be sure to share in What’cha Knittin’ when you’re done!:thumbsup:

Oh, okay… never been there so I will check it out. My project is going great now and so excited about the fact that I might acutally be able to complete it! Love the pattern too. Thanks again, Anne