How can I use rug yarn

Hi, I’ve been given odds and ends of yarn from someone and have quite a bit of rug yarn. What are some uses for it? Northernlights

You mean besides a rug? Or are you looking for rug patterns?

Rug yarn is pretty rough, so if it’s wool, you can make something feltable, like a bag.

I’m a fairly new knitter and have previously found a pattern and then bought the right yarn for it. But I was given a bag of yarn and there’s lots of partial skeins of “Heavy Rug Yarn” that is 75% rayon and 25% cotton. It was my sister’s who passed away and I think she used it to make hooked rugs. I’m just wondering what kind of patterns to look for for this heavy yarn.
I’ve not seen knitted rug patterns but that might work…or maybe a knit bag or tote? I’m just not sure.

Sure a knitted rug or tote bag. You can look up patterns for bath mats or just about any sort of bag. If the pattern is felted, you could just follow the pattern, but use smaller needles to make it a tighter knit in lieu of felting it. Or line it.

Knitted mats, if it’s soft enough an afghan, slippers (rug yarn makes great heavy slippers!), bowls, hats, chair cushions…anything you’d make with a bulky non-felting yarn, providing you don’t mind the texture.