How can I re-align a misplaced pocket?

Okay, I’ve been working for months on “Rogue” by GirlFromAuntie (it won’t let me put a link, as this is my first post here) and have made a dreadful mistake. Okay, let me explain this as best as I can. The top of the kangaroo pocket is knit-in when the body reaches the correct height. This is accomplished by knitting to the stitch where the pocket is to be joined on the body, then k2tog using one stitch from the pocket and one from the body until all the pocket stitches are used up, then continuing on the body. I was supposed to be working this at the largest size, which would have put the pocket join at 26 stitches from the cable panel. I momentarily lost my mind, and followed the instructions for the [I]smallest[/I] size, and started the pocket join at 17 stitches. Two months of knitting later, and I finally am working on the last few inches of the hood, and try it on. The pocket is sitting terribly crooked, and it’s really obvious that it’s not centered correctly. :waah: I refuse to frog this. Seriously. I am not re-doing two months of knitting. Surely there has to be some way to pick up the stitches at the pocket join and fix this, right? I’m puzzling it out, and it seems like I should be able to do something like you do for an afterthought heel, and pick up the stitches for the top and bottom rows of the body, and the top row of the pocket so I can move it over. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? Or am I just being stubborn, here?

We’ve been having trouble with spammers so the admin adjust a few things. I’ve added the link since this is a legitimate post and you should be able to link on your own soon. :thumbsup:

I don’t think there is anything you can do with that type of pocket except to rip it back and start over.

Thank you for fixing the link for me. In my sheer stubborness, I’m going to try to fix this without ripping back. I mean, if I’m going to have to rip it back anyway, I might as well try, and who knows, maybe we’ll all learn something! I’ll dig out my camera and photograph the “procedure” so we can all learn (or maybe just laugh) together! :pray:

It might work. Give it a try. I’m with you it always seems worth it to try to fix it if the only alternative is to rip it out. You can always rip it out as a last resort, or throw it in the back of the closet if you fix it attempt fails. :lol: