How can I prevent latters in my socks?

I have found my new love Sock knitting, however, I cant seem to get rid of the ladders. I pull the yarn tight on the first stitch, but it does not seem to help. Can anyone Please help!!! I also want to try a sock pattern using magic loop. Can you use the same pattern as with DPNs?

Are you tightening the first stitch after you’ve dropped it from the needle? If you are, try tightening it before you drop it from the needle and then keep the needles close together while you drop the stitch.

I found that solved my problem. I also move stitches around on the needles so that the same stitches aren’t always at the beginning and end of the rows.

You can use the same pattern for DPNs and Magic Loop (I would think it would be easier with 2 circs) however I prefer to work with patterns written specifically for ML. I’m not that great at socks (only done a few pair) and I mess up when I have to remember what needle I would be on if I was doing the socks on DPNs. I guess you could use markers to help you remember what needle you would be working on but it’s still too fiddley for me.

There are lots more patterns written for ML and 2 circs these days so it isn’t too hard to find socks I like.