How can I make this hat smaller?

I’m knitting the Topi hat from this issue of Knitty.

The first time, I knitted it a bit too long and so I have ripped it back and am prepared to start the ribbing and brim again.

The ribbing is k1p1 ribbing on size 5 needles.

My gauge is off and the hat is coming out too big. Is there anything I can do with the ribbing to make it smaller? Can I use even smaller needles? How about doing a few decreases in the round before the ribbing?

I really don’t want to have to rip back to the beginning if avoidable :shock:

TIA for any advice anyone can give!!

I think either of your ideas would work. I think you’d have a bit more control on the size by decreasing rather than smaller needles, since you won’t be able to tell right away how much smaller the difference in needles will make it.

Thanks Ingrid!