How can I knit a blanket In oval shape?

Please help! I would like to make a blanket with an oval shape on one end.

One way to work this is to shape the end with either increases or decreases. It may help to draw the size and shape oval that you want on paper and then try out shaping to match that drawing.
Are you thinking of a large blanket, a throw or a baby blanket?

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Thank you for your reply.
Im thinking of an Oval Shaped Baby blanket.
What is the best method of decreasing? K2tog? SSK?

Both. With the right side facing, work a ssk on the right edge and a k2tog on the left edge. I like to place these decreases one or 2 sts in from the edge for a cleaner edge. You’ll have to decide how frequently to work these decrease rows depending on the shape you want. Every other row maybe to begin, with every row toward the end?
It’s a really intriguing idea and should be fun to try out. Let us know how it’s going.

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Maybe you prefer to make your own pattern. If not, there are some available patterns for shaped moses basket blankets which are squared at the top edge and curved at the bottom which sounds like what you might be after.

There are a few pics and links on this site but they are not the only ones

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Awesome! Yes. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

Yes. I will try this method. Thank you.

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I finally finished this blanket. Its not perfect but, Im very pleased with my design. Thank you for your help.


Beautifully photographed and gorgeous blanket. These blankets are so useful in the car.

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How beautifully this turned out. You must be very pleased.
I assume the holes are for putting the harness through? Very practical and also these are not so easy to come by as they used to be. This will be loved.

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Thank you! @Creations for your help!
Yes, it is very Practical. I really enjoyed knitting my new creations.
My Niece and Nephew (The recipients) where very pleased.

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I listened to the expert. Thank you @salmonmac :blush: