How can I get yarn donated?

I’m a 7th grade student and I started a non profit project called “Quilts for the Cold” For this project I use a potholder loom to create yarn squares. I then make several more and connect them into a large yarn quilt. This project’s goal is to make as many yarn quilts for the homeless. hospitals, and low income families that will be given out for free. I just want to help my community, but I’ve asked so many people and they just shrugged me off. I’ve tried posting donation requests to several websites, but no one replies. I have posted my project Crowdrise and Donors Choose (of the same name Quilts for the cold) to try to raise money for yarn. I live in Palmdale California, and I have already seen someone asking for free yarn only to be told that "you can cheaply get them at Walmart. The thing is my family is a low income household, and this project requires a lot of yarn, and is for people who are going through what I go through. I can’t spend a million dollars on yarn to be given out for free, I wish I could but you actually need to have a flow of income. I’ve asked my school and they helped out by posting a donation campaign on Donors Choose. I don’t need any of the blankets for myself since I’ve already made a yarn Quilt for my self when I was seven (which later inspired me to start this project) but what can I do? I can’t ask a church since my family doesn’t go to the local churches so what do i do? (P.S Is there a way to get this project to help others outside of Palmdale? Some other people live in much colder climates and might need them more than we do)

I would suggest looking on Craig’s list and sites like that. Ask local yarn stores to keep you in mind if someone is looking to clean out their stash. You can often get very, very inexpensive yarn af charity shops like Goodwill.

I will see what styles else I can find.

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This sounds like a very worthwhile and imaginative project.

  1. What about writing to some of the large yarn companies like Lion Brand, Bernat, and Red Heart? They often donate to small charities.
    2.Ask at craft stores or write to companies like Michael’s, A.C.Moore, or Joann’s since they may be able to donate odd lots of yarn. Any local yarn stores might be able to help or let you post on a bulletin board.
  2. Churches are still worth considering even if you don’t belong to one of them. They may also have affiliated groups like the Girl or Boy Scouts that might be interested in joining your effort.
  3. Senior centers may have donations of yarn and might welcome a use for it as well as providing more people to help out.
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Thank you for your concern. I read somewhere else that a person should make a craigslist post if they want to get any yarn donations so that’s what I did, but no answers so far. I going to have my teacher print me out a pamphlet of my project with colorful images to try to ask local stores that sell yarn if they could possibly donate anything towards this project.

I haven’t thought about writing to big yarn companies, that’s the first thing I should have tried. I’m going to get to that immediately. I emailed Michael but there was an error because apparently their mail box is too full at the moment. Starting this weekend I have a 3 week winter break form school so I’m planning on bringing a printed pamphlet I made for my project, and the first quilt I made and the loom, and go to local yarn stores like Michael’s, Walmart, Target, and Joann’s, and ask if would like to donate any yarn towards the project. I should try to ask the Churches here but I’m not so sure, and I’ll see if I can ask any senior centers for help with the projects. Thanks for the advice.

How much yarn do you go through, how fast?
If it’s a skein of Red Heart or similar every week or so you could hit up people you know for donations as you need it. Churches could be similar.
It’s easier to part with a $1 or $3 here and there to someone you know than it is for a business to unload a load of yarn to someone they don’t know.

I thought of similar for chemo hats to knit while I’m getting infusions. Say it’s $10 per hat for the non-scratchy yarn and give a hat to the nurses every 8 weeks at infusion I’m sure I could find someone to give that much.
That way I’m not tied into having to make hats or keeping records for a company to write the donations off. Time to make a hat, “Who has $10 to get some alpaca for a chemo hat?”

  1. Don’t use alpaca for a chemo cap. Or any wool for that matter. The skin is very sensitive so they usually ask for very soft yarns. I use Berroco Comfort.

Good point about the yarn. Most places have sale bins, too. What state do you live in Christina? Maybe someone close would have some so it wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to ship?

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That’s good news, I can afford that. Even use the tub of spares from Simply Soft sweaters. Luckily I can run a trial on my partially bald head :smile:

Here’s a list of recommended yarns for chemo caps, nicu blankets, etc. from Knots of Love. See guidelines for making caps
I use their guidelines when searching for soft yarn.

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Haha :joy: Well, that’ll help. Cancer patients have super tender skin though. :wink:

I live in Palmdale California, and I always look for sales, because I never buy anything if it isn’t on sale. I have yet to come across a sale on yarn, and believe me I have looked, at Michael’s. I’m planning on going to nearby yarn store like Joann’s and I’ll see if they have sales on yarn.

Well, these blankets are for adults and smaller, and if the yarn is too thin I may have to double it. I never waste yarn, and I sometimes tie together tie some short scraps of yarn together just to get use out of it. This project unfortunately takes a lot of yarn (because the quilts are to be thick, to insulate the warmth) so I think It uses about 20 small sized circular yarn balls, (they don’t use yarn balls anymore, I think they are more of an oval shape now, and way bigger than the packs I used )

I live in Laguna Hills which is in south Orange County so shipping wouldn’t be too bad. I do have some yarn that I can donate, but I won’t be able to get to it till after Christmas if that’s okay. I have family coming next week. Do you want any yarn in any color?

Thank you for your offer. Any yarn of any color is good, but you don’t have to send anything. Your advice on the project is enough help.

Alright. When I get it together to clean up my stash (it’s a disaster) I will ask if you like it then though. You never know. :wink:

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Christina, I used to work for Jo-Ann’s. We had awesome coupons and sales, usually around holidays. You could find 50% off coupons on a purchase. There’s an app for Jo-Ann’s, with access to the coupons. You can also sign up for email or snail mail coupons as well.

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Christina, i have a full garbage bag of yarn I want to donate somewhere to be put to good use. Do you have an address where yarn could be mailed? You got a good thing going.

Hello Christina! You were doing a great job! I would like to suggest that post the project on the sites like Ravelry or sites like that. Also check out your local neighbor yarn shops who would like you to donate. You can also get yarn at Charity shops. My sister also undergoes such project by donating warm clothes to this site for helping poor people living in Benin.