How can I create a patttern for a sports team logo afghan?

I’m interested in making a Philadelphia Eagles double knit afghan. I’ve tried google, but can’t find anything except crochet patterns. My knitting store suggested looking for needlepoint patterns, but I couldn’t locate any. I’d appreciate any suggestions.



you could always convert a crochet pattern into knitting… using something like this as a guide, or you could simply chart your own eagles logo and create your own afghan :shrug:

I’m making my dh a double knit WV scarf right now… I just googled for Knit Graph Paper… entered the # of sts I wanted for the design and printed it out… then I drew the WV logo on it… I knit with Navy for awhile then did a gold stripe… used my chart for WV… gold stripe and continued Navy on the RS… of course the WS is the reverse in gold… You could do that and when you are ready to add the logo just use the chart you created… :happydance:

Thank you! I will google the Knit Graph paper and see what I can come up with. Maybe I can trace the logo and have Kinkos transfer it to the graph paper…

Thanks again,


You can try this, too. It doesn’t always come out clearly, but it can provide a good base that you can color in to perfect.