How big is a new baby's head?

I want to make this adorable GRACE Beanie for an infant (about 6 weeks old). The sizes on this pattern chart are given by the “inches around” of the head you’re knitting for, ranging from 16" heads, all the way up to a 23" head.

Ideally, I’d like to make this to fit an average 3-6 month old, since the baby will be nearly 3 months old by the time I can get it made and sent to her. Which head size should I use? :??

Children vary GREATLY in head sizes! I would probably do at least a 20" circumference, with ribbing to allow for smaller or larger head. If you make it too big, the baby can grow into it. If it’s too small, it’s destined to be a doll hat or simply unused at all. :frowning:

at birth, all 3 of my kids head circumferences were 14 inches. my now 14 month old’s is 18 inches, adn both my 6 year old and my 4 year old are 23 inches. if you’re aiming for a 3-6 month size, I would make the 16 inch size.

Thanks, Nicole. By “ribbing”, can you state that in dummy-eze, please? :blush: Do you mean that I’d add rows of ribbing before beginning the actual pattern? :??

This chart may be helpful :thumbsup:

Thank you, ladies. You’ve all be most helpful. :smiley:

Rebecca, I bookmarked that site, which I’m sure will come in handy many times! :smiley:

ask the momma who just birthed that baby…i think she will tell you that her head is about 42" around! :rofling:

I would either add ribbing, or choose a pattern with ribbing already. Typically a knit ribbing for a hat is k1, p1 or k2, p2.

If I remember correctly, my kids were all around the 17-18" mark at birth, but they all grew at hugely different rates.

ROTFLOL! :roflhard:


Thanks for the advice, Nicole! :smiley:

My kids are 13 and 15 (YEARS, not MONTHS) and I’d say the same!! :roflhard: