How and where

do you count ridges?

can someone show me on this pic? and is there a RS or WS to garter stitch?

or on this one

i’m supposed to be counting rows and i lost count and the pattern said count rows or ridges…so i was wondering would it be easier to count ridges.

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There’s no wrong/right side to garter. They’re the same. Every purl-looking row is a ridge. Of if you want to count rows, each purl row is one and the space between is another (it’s a knit row but it looks buried between the purls.)

Each ridge is made up of 2 rows of knitting.

Jan, that’s a GREAT illustration. Honestly, it’s something I’ve always wondered too!! I never work in garter stitch now (not if I can help it) so never really have the need to count ridges but I never really knew what that meant either! :wink:

thanks that helped a lot!!!

You’re welcome. I got the image off off the Lion Brand site…is that bad? :thinking:

No, but only if you promise to knit your next 5 projects in Homespun! :roflhard:



OMG!!! :rofling: :rofling: :rofling: